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Benefit from Our Access to Multiple Products, Suppliers and Markets

Do you consider yourself the most qualified expert to source products for your company? Or is it just another thing on your “to-do list” that you are trying to fit in?

Sourcing isn’t easy. Let’s say that another way. Sourcing effectively and expertly isn’t easy. If you want it done right, you need to work with an expert who is passionate about finding, evaluating and engaging with the best suppliers to fit your needs. Not to be overly boastful, but this is our website so we think it’s okay to brag a little. ShopUST is a leader in global sourcing with the means and relationships needed to source quality products and services at the best costs possible.

Let’s cover some basics first. We believe educated customers are our best customers and want to make sure we are all speaking the same language.

What is Sourcing?

Sourcing is the process of identifying sources that could provide needed products or services that are required by the organization. Many people mix up sourcing and procurement. We are full service and do both. In short:

  • Sourcing refers to simply buying and bringing products or services, whereas procurement encompasses many more activities apart from simply buying.
  • Sourcing is just a small part of the procurement process in a large organization

How Can a Sourcing Company Like ShopUST Help You?

Unless you are a sourcing company yourself, you may not have the right relationships to source properly, and you probably don’t realize all the steps and processes involved along the way. This will lead to mistakes, missed deadlines or even never getting your products even though you spent time and money. We’ve seen this cost well intentioned people their job. Bottom line: don’t try this on your own. Work with an expert.

Working with a qualified sourcing company will ease the process of finding the right supplier and making sure you get quality products.

What is Important to Look For in a Sourcing Company?

  1. Existing Relationships

Finding the right supplier is the first, and often most-difficult, part of sourcing and procuring products and services. Most people don’t know if the supplier they found all the way in China can be trusted, but qualified sourcing companies like ShopUST do. We’ve gone through the process before, visited with suppliers, had dinner with them, and know their strengths and weaknesses which allow us to find you a reliable supplier.

  1. Convenient Location

It’s not always easy to source and procure products and services, especially if you’re landlocked in the middle of a country. Using a sourcing company in the right location will give you access to a wide range of products from suppliers all around the world.

Our location in Miami, FL gives us easy access to major international ports and eases the process of securing reliable and trustworthy sourcing partners in places worldwide as far as Asia and Europe, and as close as Latin America and the Caribbean. Coupled with our strong supplier relationships, our location makes it simple for us to get you what you need from the right source.

  1. ShopUST’s Commitment to Customer Service

Not all sourcing companies are created equal. You want to work with a sourcing company that has a strong client base of satisfied customers and places a high value on delivering an exceptional customer experience. Do they do what they say they will do? Are they transparent? Do they share the same values as you? If you are an “A” Player, you wan to work with an “A” Player sourcing company. We’re going to boast again. ShopUST is an “A” Player sourcing company.

If you want to partner with ShopUST for your sourcing needs, contact us today at 305-889-3347 or Email [email protected].