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Miami-based procurement company takes care of all your procurement needs

Do you need a sourcing company, a procurement company, a logistics company or all of the above? You are in luck. ShopUST is a complete sourcing, procurement and logistics company that can do everything for you or just what you need.

Let’s start out discussing what procurement really includes:

Procurement encompasses specifications development, value analysis, supplier market research, negotiation, marketing, buying activities, administration of contract, and control of inventory, traffic, receiving and stores.

Businesses today are operating in an interconnected and globalized world. Supply chains stretch across continents and can be complex to navigate. Global competition and risks of disruption are also higher today than ever. Strategic sourcing and procurement experts take much of the risk out of procurement so that you can focus on your business, knowing your procurement needs are in good hands.

What Problems Do Procurement Companys like ShopUST Solve?

Experienced procurement companies find you the products and services you need, and also make sure you get them at the right time, from the right supplier and at the right quantity and quality. They exist to take the stress out of the sourcing and purchasing process.

What does the process of working with a procurement company look like?

  1. It begins with a meeting to evaluate the needs of the client.
  2. The procurement company will then begin a period of research and investigation.
  3. They will identify and evaluate various sources.
  4. Evaluate and rank potential sources based on your needs
  5. Choose the best ones that can provide what is needed.
  6. Negotiate prices and terms on your behalf.
  7. Present a complete proposal to you and answer any questions.
  8. At this time, you can choose whether to accept or deny.
  9. If you choose to deny the initial proposal, the procurement company will negotiate another offer with a different source.

A quality procurement company like ShopUST will continue to be a part of the process until the very end, monitoring everything in the supply management chain all the way until delivery to your doorstep.

What is Important to Look For in a Procurement Company?

Existing Relationships

Existing Relationships are important to procurement services because it isn’t always easy to quickly find a reputable source and negotiate a fair price. You need someone with knowledge of the process and relationships with sources to ensure that you’re getting a product of appropriate quality at a competitive price.

Whether you need to source U.S. Products into the Caribbean or China Products into the U.S., ShopUST has the connections to get you what you need at a price within your budget. We work hard to develop our existing relationships, and form new ones, so that we can use our resources to procure your products.

Geographically Desirable Location

Location plays a huge role in available resources and delivery times. Choosing a procurement company with a great location on a major port can go a long way in getting you the best deal for quality products with a timely delivery.

With a location in Miami, FL, ShopUST has access to major international ports and can easily source and procure quality products and services worldwide. We have existing relationships in Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean and have the means and resources to get you what you need, when you need it and at a price you can afford. We have access to a variety of products from wholesale electronics to construction services and purchasing materials.

Commitment to Quality and Customer Service

The benefit of using a procurement company is to make it easier for you to source and obtain the products and services you need, so it’s important to choose a company that truly has the interests of the client at heart. You should be able to sit back and focus on what you do best while the procurement agent focuses on making sure everything in the supply chain runs smoothly from start to finish.

Whether you need a one-time sourcing agent or a sourcing and procurement company to be your partner moving forward, is here to help. We will handle all your sourcing and procurement needs from obtaining quality goods at low costs to handling specifications development, marketing, receiving and payment. Forget the hassle that comes along with value analysis, supplier market research and negotiation. We will handle the procurement and supplier relationship management so you have the time to handle your business. Contact us today at 305-889-3347 or Email [email protected].