Consumer Electronics

ShopUST is your source for consumer electronics procurement services


The challenges faced by consumer electronics companies are more difficult than ever before. Its more important than ever to be the first to market with the products customers want and need, and with increasing price sensitivity and complexities in the supply chain industry, its not always easy to get those products quickly and at a competitive price. If youre facing these challenges, whether its occasionally or on a daily basis, ShopUST is here to help.


Let us focus on sourcing and procuring your consumer electronics, while you focus on doing what you do best. We have the ability and relationships necessary to procure all the consumer electronic products you need, from entertainment to communication and office productivity.


What Types of Consumer Electronics can we Find?


Basically, consumer electronics refers to any device which contains an electronic circuit board and which is intended for everyday use. We can pretty much find you anything you need, at a price you can afford and in a timely manner, but some of the more popular items we source and procure are:


  • TV and Home Theater

  • Cell Phones and Accessories

  • Telephones

  • Computers

  • Tablets

  • GPS

  • DVD Players

  • Digital Cameras

  • Cameras

  • Camcorders

  • Video Game Consoles

  • Video Games

  • Small Appliances


Why Should you use ShopUST to Procure Consumer Electronics?


ShopUST has the existing relationships, convenient location and commitment to customer service to best get you the products you need, in a timely manner and at a competitive cost.


Finding the right supplier can be hard. You may not know if you can trust that supplier you found all the way in China, but we do. Let us make sure that youre getting quality products from a quality source.


When it comes to location, you cant pick a more convenient place than Miami, FL. With easy access to major international ports, we can easily secure reliable and trustworthy sourcing partners worldwide from Asia and Europe, to Latin America and the Caribbean.


Let the search for consumer electronics start and end with ShopUST. Just tell us what you need, and well do the rest. If you want to partner with ShopUST for your sourcing needs, contact us today at 305-889-3347 or Email