Building & Maintenance


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Building & Maintenance

ShopUST is your source for building and maintenance procurement services

A properly clean and stocked building is a sign of a properly run company, and when it comes to procuring building and maintenance products, we know just how to do it. Whether you’re looking for something as small as light bulbs or as big as a power washer, we can get you the maintenance products you need, at a competitive price. When you buy in bulk, everything is cheaper, and we know exactly where to look to get quality products for the cheapest price. You know what you need, but we know how to get it.

What Building & Maintenance Supplies can ShopUST source and procure for you?

Basically, we can get you whatever it is you need, but some of the more common building and maintenance supplies we procure are:

  • Back of House

  • Grounds and Exteriors

  • Lobbies and Common Area

  • Residential Living Spaces

  • Restroom Supplies

Why Should You Choose ShopUST as Your Building & Maintenance Sourcing and Procurement Company?

We’ve done this before. We already have great relationships with suppliers all around the world, and know how to negotiate with them to get you quality products at low costs. Whatever you need, we either know where to get it, or know how to find it. Let us handle all your sourcing and procurement needs while you handle your business.

We have existing relationships with suppliers as far as Asia and as close as the Caribbean, and with our location in Miami, FL, getting products from these suppliers is never an issue. We can get supplies from anywhere in the world, and make sure they reach their destination, no matter where it is.

For low-cost, quality products with a timely delivery, ShopUST is the place to go. We value our commitment to customer service, and are with you throughout the whole process, making sure everything is done perfectly. Just tell us what you need, and we will handle the rest. Sure, there are other companies that work in sourcing and procurement, but we can promise you that no one does it with the customer service and skill that we do.

We’re not here to meet your expectations, we’re here to exceed them. No one knows the sourcing and procurement business like we do, so let us find you the home and garden items you need, when and where you need them, and at a price you can afford.